Friday, May 1, 2009

Getting Hard To Cover Up

He had been secretly taking female hormones for months and going out dressed as a girl. Eventually he found it was getting harder and harder to look like a boy. Even while in boy clothes, people called him miss. Now his breasts kept growing and were getting difficult to hide.

"What am I going to do now?"

But he didn't have long to thing because his mother just walked in without knocking.


  1. The end was exciting and leaves you wondering. Nice.

  2. Great image that matches that situation perfectly, very nice dear!

  3. uh mom we have to talk and right now you see i ahve been wanting this every since i was little i ahve always felt ike i should ahve been born a girl and now i must tell you i have been takong female hormones and as you can now see i am becoming a girl at last yes honey i have knowon it all lpang y that you need to vbe a girl and honey thier is nothing wrong witht h that being a girl is very special and since you feel you must be one i will certanly help you become one at last and then i can have the daughter i have so alwasy wnated thnak's moom for understanding that i am a girl yes sweetie now hurry and get dressed in some cute cloths and we wil go shoopping for all new gilry clths and then go out to eat yes mommy i am a good girl now and your new daughter yes you sure are dear and you are gong to be such a sweet girl i can se e that yes mommmy i am a girl at last and i love it all so very musch being a girl!

  4. Great caption. I can only imagine being in such a position.