Monday, May 25, 2009

First Day of School

Thanks for dropping me off Mom, but I'll be fine. I've been to school before as a boy, doing it again as a girl won't be so hard.

One question though, are you sure my skirt isn't too short?


  1. great caption and the skirt is just fine

  2. No no, the skirt is just fine. I wouldn't mind going back to school as girl either. It'd be fun.

  3. yes mom this is going to be just so very fine now at last i can go back to hgh school and be just how and what and who i alwasy wnatd to be the frist time a girl i already love being able to dress so cute in girly cloths dresses skirts slips panties and ahving breast and a pussy is a real blessing at last i can be who i alwsys h should ahve been female already i love it so this is going to be oh so wonderful being a girl this time around at last!

    thanks ever so fro helping me out to get myself accepted as a girl!