Tuesday, May 5, 2009


"Why did you do this to me Mom? I don't want to be a girl."

"Now don't lie to me, I know all about your little secret. My stolen panties, that bag full of clothes for you to dress up in, and all those websites you visit."

"Okay, maybe a little then."

"Well don't worry about it anymore. You're a girl now. As for why I did this, I always wanted a daughter and later some grandchildren."

"But what if I don't want any kids?"

"Oh you'll have some, I gave you one hell of a sex drive. I would hope that you'd wait until you got married, but either way works. But deep down I know you want to be my daughter, be a mother, and all those other girl things. That's why I made you younger again."

"I guess so, thanks Mom."


  1. Great story. Love the picture. It has the look of "what the hell, yeah I kinda wanted this, but you could've told me first, jeez." Haha, brilliant.

  2. I agree fully with Isobelle, great story! Keep it up girl!

  3. yes mom and thank's ever so for being here for me yes i have to admit that thisis just what i have alwsay wnated to be your daughter at alst nd now i sure ma i ma a girl a young girl and eah now i can even ger pregant and ahve babies and i ma so loking forward to that this being a girl is the best thing that s could ever happen to me already i want to drss like a girl and have breast periods and be a girl at last i want to see and be everything that is a girl mom i am your duahgter and i ma a girl yes honey you sure are now go and do girl things like you are suppose to that's a good girl suzy ann that is yur new gilr name because it suits you so very fine you are going to mkae such a sweet girl now yes mom i am a good girl now!