Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cheer Stretches

"Hi I'm Erin! I'm just doing some stretches before practice. I'm a cheerleader, one of the best at my school."

"But I wasn't always. I used to be a boy and I hated it. So did my mom, so we decided I should become a girl."

"I went to this cute doctor guy and he gave me these shots and pills, they made me so hot. All the guys at my old school called me a sissy or fag. But I wasn't one, I was a girl. Thankfully my mom allowed me to switch schools and I got a fresh start."

"See I even got myself a pussy like a real girl. None of the boys can tell the difference between it or the other girls. I have to go now, I have practice and then I'm meeting some boys. See ya later."


  1. yes please this is just what i want to i ahve alway wanrted to be a girl and to ahve breast and a pussy so that i too can be a girl and do girl stuff like being a cheerleader i would love to go back to high school but only when i to can be a girl and do all the cute neat gilry stuff i want to be a girl to please jsut like you maybe you can kiss me and turn me into a gilr i think this is entierly possible to do so please let me now when you can do this for me and then i to can join you in gilrhood which is just oh so very fine with me to be a girl at last!