Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Home Early

Oh shit! Mom and Dad are home early and I'm still looking like a girl. I do suppose it is time I tell them. My breasts hurt when I wrap them up and being a boy sucks.

"Hi Mom, hi Dad! Remember how you said that you two always wanted a daughter?"


  1. oooo I'd love to be in that position

  2. keep up the great captions.

  3. She is so Umm, sexy i'm getting all wet
    just from looking at that picture.

  4. um mom dad i ahve something i just have to tell you and i have been putting it off far to long as you ahve very problay been notincing i have bene changing and now i must tell yu at last i ma a girl now and ahve been wanting this all of my life i ma your dauther now nad ma going to be a female for the rest of my life so i am hoping that you will understand my urge to be what who and how i must be i was meant to be a girl and now i jsut cna no longer hide it i am a girl with breast and a oussy and my isdies are now female as well so i can even have a baby and be pregant so please try to accpet me as a girl at last becasue that is what i am form now on i am a girl!