Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Feel Better Now?

Inspired by Sachi's Femme Virus

"See the disease has nearly completed its course, you'll notice that your breasts aren't developing as fast anymore."

"You mean that this is as big as I'm going to get?"

"See you're thinking like a woman already. [laughs] You should grow another cup size I think. How is the new plumbing treating you?"

"Well it took some getting used to and that period was the worst, but just between us girls, the orgasms are much better."

"That's my girl, well that's all for now. Come back in a week and we'll do another check up."

"Thanks Doc."


  1. Nice job. You captured the vibe of the pic perfectly.

  2. you certainly did. I'm glad to see others joining in on the femme virus. I'm going to start writing an actual story for it at some point this summer.

  3. wel you are going to be jsu fine now because now you are pregant and so you are going to be staying a girl form now on yes you are going to be having a baby so you ae female now inside and out oh doctor this is such wonderful news it is just what i have so alwsay wanted to be a girl and a mom as well now i am completly female and and everything i am going to have a baby and be a woman for good yes you sure are suzy ann you are female!