Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not What I Had In Mind

I was out of college and couldn't find a job. But just before I gave up I found an opening for a housekeeping position at the local hotel. The manager said I had to wear the required uniform as well as other details. I agreed just as I felt a needle prick my skin. When I woke up I learned what those "details" were, a nice set of breasts and a vagina.

Still it could be worse and thanks to this body, my tips are great. But I'm not allowed to wear panties and that gives some customers the wrong idea.

Well I have to go back to work now, the next room is a bunch of frat boys and they requested me.


  1. Ooooh I love it, love it, love it! Excellent work on this one Erin.

  2. this is so strange now here i am at last nw n the new titanic two and and i feel so weird vbecause now i am a woman once agian just like kind of how it was for me on the frisit ship when i was a little girl on that one now i am a woman once again and am working on the new ship i get to wear this cute maid serving dress panties bra nad i have breast now and a pussy i am a girl agai nad somehow it all feels so right b at last being on the titnaic once again and being a girl is only helping me so very much it is if it was alwasy mneant to be feeling so safe on this second great titnaic at last and being a girl feels so very good so very right wel got to go i have some very important girl stuff to do and i just can not wait to get to it you know how it is with us girls we want it to and we want ti so very badlkly ust go now and get some at last!