Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Don't Pout

"Now don't pout sweety, you look adorable."

"But I don't like this."

"Well it isn't my fault you caught that Femme Virus. But I won't let you stay locked up in your room like some hermit. You're a beautiful young woman and you're going to get out and meet some people."

"It's not that Mom."

"Well what then?"

"This bikini, didn't they have something a little skimpier?"

Fixed Typo, Thanks Sachi


  1. very nice. love it.

    one thing you have a typo. you have looking instead of locked up.

  2. I love your way of captioning pictures. Theres so simple and sweet. The girls you pick are amazing, you have very good taste! I bet some of these girls are taken off of myspace or some other site like that. Love it girl!


  3. it's alright mom i love this now that it has happened me at alst now i am yur daughter instead i now have breast and a pussy yes you sure are you are a girl now but what is the problem dear nothing relly mom it is just that i love being able to dress this way at long last and and bveing able to do everythimg that is gilry yes yes i know swettie you really are a very cute pretty little gilry girl girl now run along and play with yourslef and then let mommy know howm it feels yu are going to make a very sweet girl now yes mommmy i am a girl thank you mommmy for helping me and for understandin my need to be a girl!