Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It Worked

"What do you mean it worked, what worked?
Wait why am I dressed like a girl?
Oh fuck I am a girl. How did you do this?"

"It was a magic spell, you see I'm a lesbian, but I still loved you. So I just had to change you."

"I guess I could get used to it."

"Good girl, now come here and I'll show what being a girl is all about."


  1. pretty pic & pretty panties

  2. yes yes at last now i too ma a girl just like you already are and and i lve it already now i too have breast and a oussy and my insides are female as well so i can evne have a baby but i am feeling very differnt now like i want you to fuck me as two girls should i think i ma lesbain just like you are saying you are and i want you as a girl wants a girl please satisfy me as a girl i am so ready to be pleasured asa girl must be i am a girl now too so come on and play with me i am so ready to be a girl at last so please hurry and lets do what gu irls must do!