Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Missing Something

He was happy that he was finally a girl like he had always dreamed about being. He loved the feeling he got as guys stared at his breasts. But slowly it dawned on him that something was wrong. It seems that in the rush to leave the house, he had forgotten something.

Sorry about the lack of recent updates, I should have a regular schedule now. Also if you have any requests email me at erincannady @


  1. Glad to hear from you again!

    I might request something but then again, I think it would be fair to let someone else take a request. I love your captions, there simple and sweet. Love it!


  2. now just what is it i am forgetting to do now that i am a girl at last something something very important for girls to do and remember about finaly being female oh oh what is it i i got to concentrate and and try to rememver just what it is i should be g doing as a girl oh oh no matter realy i i feeljust so right and at peace being a girl now at last who cars what it might be it really is not all that fired imo portant after all at last now i am the right way female at last free as a girl i have breast and a pussy now and inside i i am a girl oh oh maybe that is just it ahve to be cae refl about getting pregant as girls can do that maybe that is it oh welll i just do not really care i i am a girl at last and and i feel so good being a girl!