Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Been Fun

"Okay Michelle, I'll admit that being a girl can be fun. But when are you going to turn me back?"

"I decided I'd rather have you this way, I think that deep down you like it more too."

"But you promised I could be a guy again."

"Now don't pout, I may let you use a strap-on every now and then. That is when I'm not using it on you. I know that you loved that last night."

"I guess so. Maybe it won't be all bad. At least we're the same size so I can wear some of those cute dresses you never use anymore."

1 comment:

  1. yes oh yes now at last i am just how i hae so always wanted to be i i to ma a girl at alst just like you are and now we can share everything that is being a girl i i will be your sister and you can fuck me as a girl now i i want you in me with a strap on oh oh feels so very good this way so very right now having a pussy ad breast and all the oh so very right girl parts inside a s well hey i may even to get pregant and would not that be a real trip me having a baby oh oh i'm going to so love being a girl now at last!