Monday, June 1, 2009

Letter To Mom III

Dear Mom,
Sorry about not writing for so long. I've been busy for a long time. I know that I call all the time, but something about writing a letter feels right. I guess I have an ol' fashioned streak in me. Well first I wanted to tell you the big news. Kevin asked me to marry him, I said yes of course. I'll be bringing him home soon so you and Daddy can meet him in person. So I'll see both of you soon.
Your daughter,


  1. Its nice to see you happy with your new fiance! ;)


  2. yes mom now that dad is finallly gone i can at last tell you that i ahve finally completed my sex change and am not totally a girl at last i i know that deep down inside i and you ahve l alwasy wnated it this way and now at last i ahve gone all the way and ma a female now i now have breast and a pussy and i ma now your daughter i hope you understand why i finally had to do this i never felt right being male and have so alwasy wnated to be a girl and now i ma i ma suzy ann your new daughter!