Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It had been nearly a year since he was captured and sent to that lab. There he was forced through months of surgery, hormones, and hypnosis. He couldn't even remember his old name or even how to act male. Forced into humiliating costumes and sex acts. But he had escaped at last. Sure he may have become a woman, but it was much better than being some slut. She could live with that, but first she had to find something to wear.


  1. Ooh, i'd love to see what happens next to our poor hero. I wouldn't doubt it's close to what would have happened had he stayed at the lab. ;P

  2. ah at last i ahve finally escaped form that secret lab where they ttokk me in what seems so very long ago now and now i am at last free but i am changed oh so very completly now i am a girl now and i can not even recall who i used to be at all so what i need is real help for you see i am continuing to regrees in age and am becoming a real little girl and so i need a whole new liffe and a new mommy to take care of me as i do continue to regreess i hope to stop maybe at the age of say five and then i will be a real little girl and will need a whole lot of love and atttention as a little girl so please help me won't you be my mommy i need you so now to love me a nd help me grwo up al over agina but this time as a girl at last for that is what i am now a girl!