Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Somethings Never Change

"What are you doing with that porn magazine?"

"Nothing, I was only reading the articles."

"Don't lie, I thought we solved that little problem when we took you to that doctor. Tell me what he did."

"He took away my pen... pee-pee and made me a good girl."

"That right, but here I find you doing naughty boy things with your girl parts. What are we going to do with you?"

"Please don't."

"No baby, I want you to learn. Now let me get my paddle."


  1. oh what a wonderful caption *blushes* well done Erin!

  2. now just relax suzy ann you are now quite a female and that dress fits you so nicely now and pink is difinatly you you have breast now and a oussy you are a girl at last so jsut relax and enjoy me playing with you and so very soon you will come and be a permanet girl so just lie back close your eyes and enjoy your new sex suzy you are a girl for good yes i will becasue now i am a girl thank you for lettng me come here and be transsformed inti a girl at last i feel so right being a girl!

  3. Great caps! Keep up the good work! :)