Friday, September 18, 2009


See. I told you I was a girl now and no I'm not showing it to you. Now will you please act like my friend and help me find that damn medallion. What do you mean, only if I pay you back before I change back? You know what? Never mind, I'll find it myself.

1 comment:

  1. yes i am a girl now and i want to stay tis way for god because it is jsut what i ahve alwaya so wanted to be i have alwasy wanted to be female and now i am and now i can wear gilry girl girl coths dresses skirts slips panties everything that make a girl a girl and it is so much better this way already i love having breast and a pussy and i want to rleish every bit and flavor of being a girl i love it and want to forget about ever having been male who ever want's to be amle msut be nuttty this is so much better being a girl it is a wonder that alll males do not want this it feels so very good being a girl then continuing as a amle having a pussy feels so right no more penis hanging down their alwsay getting in the way all the time and you cna never really relax being male you are alwsay angry and fristrated finally being a girl you can toatlly escape and just feel so very goood being female at last i i feel so right now being a girl! like it is totally natuarl to be a girl!