Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How Does That Feel?

"How does that feel Erin?"

"Please turn me back."

"Sorry little girl, you're stuck this way. But I can tell from the look on your face you're loving this."

"Mmmmm... Maybe a little."

"Feel this, that is your clit. So much better than your little dick. I got a strap on to replace that old thing. And you know what the best thing about that is?"


"Both of us can use it, in fact I'm about to test it out on you."


  1. Great to have you back Erin! Your work is awesome as always! But I really liked this one.

  2. yes yes but it just what i ahve always wanted anyway so yeah please continue doing this to me i i feel so good now having a pussy and breast and all of the oh so very right gilr parts now what you are doing to me right now feels so very right at alst having another girl who understands why i want to be this way and can pleasure me as only a girl can di and understand oh oh i'm i'm coming coming just like a girl n and right now because that is just what i am at last a girl so yes yes please make me stay this way for good please contiue pleauring me and and i will be staying this way a girl and and i love it being a girl!