Thursday, July 9, 2009


"I wonder where that rabbit went. Not only did this place turn me into a girl, but now I'm wearing this stupid little girl dress. Also why do I feel a draft?"

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  1. hey where am i oh oh i feel so different now hey what is this i i am a girl now and i am in a dress panties slip and i now have little girl breast and a pussy and i feel so open now in this dress it feels so good being in thses soft clths and not having thos old horrid male parts and more but being all so o soft and round i i am a girl at last and this is girlhood land whre all boys males who have alwasy wanted to be girls go to become what they were alwasy meant to be girls and why not feels so right being a girl! i am going to stay here now and nver go back to being male no not ever again i love being a girl!